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Mike Miranda was the second Hutch factory rider who got his own Hutch signature frame & fork set,called the Hollywood.Later there were other Hollywood parts made like pedals and handlebar.
Mike rode a pink Hollywood bike. Hollywoods frames came in pink, baby blue and lavender. Mike  Hollywood  Miranda raced for a long time in a pink uniform! This made pink a common color in the mid-'80s.
Mike rode almost 3 years for Hutch as a full factory rider (started after the NBL Grands in 1984) and later a short time as a Hutch co-sponsored rider. If I'm correct,Mike rode still his signature Hutch set as a co-sponsor deal and received a percentage of every sold Hutch Hollywood set. Mike was a real entertainer or sometimes a clown and the favourite of the public.Therefore he won the Nora Cup (from BMX Action magazine) in 1986.

(photo left). One of the last things I know about Mike's BMX career was that he broke his back in a freak accident at the ABA's Orlando,Florida,race (that was probably the end of his BMX career). In 1992 Mike was inducted in the ABA Hall of fame. Today,I've read that Mike is a golf pro in Southern California and goes by his real father's name; Mike Feltey.

cover Bicross magazine May 1985

cover BMX Action October 1985

cover BMX PLUS! Februari 1986

cover Bicross magazine January 1986

French poster 1986

ad Wheel III 1985,France

Hollywood ad 1985

1985 interview  Mike  Hollywood  Miranda (BMX Action USA)

1987 interview  Mike  Hollywood  Miranda (BMX TRICKS Holland)

1985 interview  Mike  Hollywood  Miranda (Bicross magazine France)

1985 BMX Action Hollywood Series Test

Flyin' High Again, BMX Action July 1986

My interview with Mike ( May 23, 2005 )