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Tim rode for Hutch from 1980 (the year he won the World Championships) till the beginning of 1986. In a magazine from March 1986 there was the news that Richie Hutchins had dropped Timmy Judge because Hutch wanted to go after the National Number One Factory Team and they were planning on putting together the team that could do it.
But Tim was not dropped by Hutch,but he left to give watercraft racing and motor building a try,thats the facts! (he's still into the jetski sport)
But when Tim Judge was still on the team,he had his own Hutch signature frame and fork set,called the Judge! In 1983 Tim won the World Champioships (cruiser 18-24) in Slagharen,The Netherlands. At the same Worlds,Hutch

won the Trade Team Competition.
These pages are a special about Tim Judge and his Hutch frame and fork.
In my opinion a real Judge frame was in white,but you could have them in different colors even in chrome.Later they made a Judge II frame. It was a refined version of the orginal Tim Judge signature series.

The 100 Greatest BMXers of all time by American BMXer December 1993.
#40 Tim Judge. If that name sounds familiar to any new-comers,perhaps it's because you've seen  Da Judge  racing and winning jet ski (X-2) races on ESPN. Like many champions,Timmy orginally learned how to win by racing BMX. As one of the hottest racers to ever come from Gator-country,Judge hit the spotlight in the late 70's by being the first BMXer captured on film doing a (eek,gaps) ONE FOOTER! That's right--credit the Thruster rider with that one. For those who think pros like Fuzzy and Todd Lyons are fun to wath race;they ain't got a thing on the Judge! During his Hutch days ,no matter what place he was,who was close to him or what was on the line,Timmy Judge ALWAYS had to please the crowd with insane style.His specialty:one footed tabletops,that no one else can or even will match. A true legend that lives on in another radical sport.

Judge  chainstay decals

Here Come Da Judge Interview, BMXA Aug. 1981

Da Judge interview 1985

The cover of Super BMX & freestyle where a interview  was printed with Tim Judge back in 1985 about his Hutch Judge frame & fork set. To read the interviuw, click on the link above!

Tim jumping a Porsche

T.J. interview BMXA 1984

July 1990  Judge II

1985 BMX Action Judge Series Test

the Hutch Judge II test

The Judge II. Here comes The Judge...again! The Judge II is a later version of the ever-popular Timmy Judge Hutch frame and fork. Heavy duty front and rear drop-outs, oversized top tube, an ovalized down tube,and 4310 chromoly. Heightstrength,low-weight (5lbs.12oz.) frame&fork in Pro and XL lengths.100% made in the USA. To read the test of the Judge II bike that was printed in BMX PLUS! issue October 1990,click on the link above!

picture from the ad for a quick change sprocket called the  STUDD .Tim Judge used this procket and did the promotion.The Studd makes changing gears quick and easy.No wrenches,no bolts,just twist on and twist of.Click here to see a picture of the Studd system.

According Mr.Coasterbrake from VBMX, none of the Judge II's had a stamped brake bridge. However, the first batch were made at the beginning of the "Hutch name lawsuit" and did come with the classic Hutch decals-including the "Judge series" seatstay decal in red-on-clear color combo. The earliest batch of Judge II's had the classic Hutch shape rear dropouts- kinda pointy at the ends. The later batches had rounded ends on the dropouts (a'la Profile shape). Actually, i was told by a Louisville Cycle rep that Profile was building some Hutchins products for them. I have a Hutchins cruiser that is exactly like a Profile in every detail except it doesn't have the middle tube in the front triangle.
Also, regardless of whether the name was Hutch or Hutchins at the time, none of the Judge II's were made under the "original" company ownership. They were all third generation...ie: 1) original Hutch 2) Taiwan generation 3) Louisville/Deltech generation.

The "Judge" BMX Action Feb. 1986

Hutchins Judge II