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1979 Team Hutch MX Racer

1980 Heidi Mirisola

Now available from Hutch BMX racing, one of the top East Coast bike shops, is a super race bike that is ready for gnarly action on any BMX track. The Robinson Racing frame and forks are teamed up with Sugino Super-Maxi cranks, Kings' pedals, a

PL-1 seat post clamp, Competition II colored knobbies, a Shimano Free-hub set up, V bars, a Sun Tour alloy stem, and other trick items. This bike is complete and ready to buzz at a feathery 21 lubs according to Hutch. For each one of these ultra trick Robinson machines you want, send 348 bucks to: Hutch BMX racing.

1981 Hutch Hi-Performance Crank Set

Basically, what Hutch did was check out all the positive and negative feedback of Red Line tubular cranks. Then they took their shot at building a better mouse trap. The Hutch sealed bearing three-piece crank set includes everything except pedals and chainwheel.
Assembly instructions (with drawings) tell the installer to measure the width of the bottom bracket and use assorted aluminum alloy shims provided with the crank set to match the width.
The crank spindle features 48 spindles. This approach is currently considered state-of-the-art for turning the rear axles of racing autos. The spindle retains complete material on the outer edge. The 4130 chrome-moly spindle carries a lifetime warranty for twisted or breakage. The spindle is heat-treated to prevent buggering of the splines if the piece is dropped.

Two 7075 heat-treated aluminum spiders are available. One accepts Shimano chainrings, the other accepts Sugino/SunTour.
The crank arms are tapered tubular 4130 chrome-moly with Hutch's triple-plated show chrome finish. Length are 170mm, 175mm, and 180mm. The arms are interchangeable. They accept 9/19-inch pedals.
Our testing detected zero flex and awarded A ratings. Obviously, the true test of a crank set is it's ability to endure frantic antics without flexing. If these cranks can stand up to Timmy Judge's skatepark poundings they should be able to take anything. All we can say now is that the product impressed us as a carefully thought out, well assembled piece of equipment. If the cranks hold up as well as the X-Long Pro Racer works, there could be a lot of Hutch crankin' goin' on. The cranks are available at Hutch dealers. Approximate retail is $139.  (BMX Action August 1981)
Note: For the first Hutch cranks they used a decal that was a piece of the 2nd generation headtube decals!

More info from vintageBMX.com forum about the first Hutch cranks. (Januari 2004)

Bill Curtin: I did a comparsion with one of members a few years ago between the Profiles and the 1st gen. Hutch cranks.
On the set of Hutch cranks he had, the splines ran from from one end of the spindle to the other, Profile only has splines on the ends. The arms were threaded for 1/2" pedal shafts. 
Greg_Hanna: If I remember correctly, the early Hutch cranks were gonna be offered with a choice of 1/2" or 9/16" pedal bosses. This was so that if you had the xpensive Hutch pedals already in 1/2" size you wouldn't have to buy anything but the cranks. I remember reading that in an ad or product info. article on the early cranks.

Bill Curtin: They were indentical to early Profile arms without the embossed area for the decal.
BEN: Those first have a chrome or clear stickers with blk lettering that say Hutch in big letters on the first of 3 lines, the next 2 say high performance racing products. The sticker is probably a 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 long the width of the front of the arm. Sticker starts at the spindel reading toward the pedal boss.
EL CID: I had an early set of profile -lived in st.pete,the were full splined you could slide the arms back and forth
Bill Curtin: There you go, so the early spindles for both Profile and Hutch were splined along the length of the spindle.