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Orginal Hutch Hi-Performance complete BMX bikes

PRO STAR: This is Hutch top-of-the-line racer. The frame and fork are made in the USA and it features other top Hutch made components: Handlebar,stem,grips,seat post,seat post clamp, bottom bracket set, crancks, spider, pedals, hubs, pads and number plate. Other top quality components included Araya 7X rims, Takgi chainwheel, Tange headset and a Kashimax seat.
PRO RACER: This complete bicycle by Hutch fearures Hutch's famous all-chromoly Pro Racer frame and fork, their chromoly seat post,their Pro Racer handlebar and their alloy seat post clamp. Other features includes The Hutch New Force Connection spider and SR 175mm chromoly cranks. The frame is 3 lbs. 11 oz. L.B.B. triple plated show chrome finisch 4130 chromoly tubing. The thickness of the tubing is ;035 the top tube's diameter is 1-3/8''. This frame is ridden by Mike Miranda (before he got his own signature frame set). Dimensions: wheelbase 37-1/2'',center headtube--center seatpost 19-1/4'',center headtube--center B.B. 20''.Available in chrome, purple reign, Porsche white, candy apple red,candy metal flake bleu, baby bleu and Hutch pink.
TRICK STAR: For the ultimate in freestyle machines, Hutch has his beauty. It features top quality Hutch made components and specially selected parts by other manufactures. Besides the frame and fork Hutch supplies the handlebar, stem, seat post,seat post clamp, bottom bracket set, cranks, spider, pedals,hubs and pads.Other first quality components include a Shimano freewheel,Tange headset,Dia-Compe MX900 brake set and a Takagi 43T chainwheel. The first Trick Stars came with a kind of racing type fork. Later the special Trick Star fork           was made with welded pegs on the forklegs. Also the first Trick Star frames had standart Hutch race stickers on the downtube! Soon,the Trick Star got his own sticker set with Trick Star sticker on the downtube. Around October 1985 Hutch offered the Trick Star in two special models for fans of ground specialist Woody Itson and ramp specialist Mike Dominguez. The Woody Itson Pink Signature Series feature a pink frame and modefied fork, pink Z-rims, Woody Itson freestyle bars, pink A'ME grips, ACS rotor brake modification, SST Woody Itson hubs, and assorted other goodies.
The Mike Dominguez Ramp Bike will come with a  futuristic finisch  black Trick Star frame and fork, Mike Dominguez Signature gray Tuff wheels,Dominguez Ramp Bars, and Mike Dominguez footsteps.

Other Hutch complete BMX bikes
$= low end bikes,more bike for your buck. Not my taste but they have the right to be here!

PRO RAIDER: The Hutch Pro Raider comes complete and ready to race. Its components consist of: Hutch chrome plated chromoly frame,Hutch chrome plated chromoly fork with hole for front brake,Tioga AW-27 C.P.headset,Hutch chrome plated handlebar,SR 422 black/silver stem,Hutch black grips,Hutch chrome plated seat post,Hutch alloy type black seat clamp,Hutch black aero with Hutch name seat,MX-1000 type chrome front and rear with tech III levers brake set,Takagi-alloy 43T black chainwheel,Tioga BB-22 U.C.P. 24T BB set,Takagi chromoly one-piece 175mm 24T cranks,Hutch new force connection black alloy spider,Shimano DX 16T chromoly freewheel,1/2''x1/8'' black/silver chain,DX type black with chromoly spindle pedals,Suzue small flange alloy black hubs,14 Gauge UPC spokes,Sumo 7X type buff/silver rims,Comp.III type black front 20x2.125 rear 20x1.75 tires,20x1.75 with American type valve tubes,Hutch black velcro type pads,reflectors and chainguard to meet CPSC.
WIND STYLER: 1985,the latest member of the Hutch Freestyle Team:The Wind Styler. A trick bike that archives lightness and maneuverability without tradeoffs in control or stability. The Wind Styler has platforms under the seat,on the rear chainstays,and on the front pegs that let you explore your creativity to its raddest.
TRICK STYLER: 1988.Extra!Extra! Hutch is back. They are proving it by once again sponsoring freestyle riders ((Rick Allison,Chris Potts and Gregg Macomber) and by producing this limited edition Trick Styler. The Styler sports a pearlcent pearl paint job on the top of full-chromoly frame and forks. The frame has a large standing platform,and the forks have dual peg possitions for you to get creative with. The rest of the bike,excluding the Odyssey Gyro,is all Hutched out. It has everything from the classic Hutch stem,pedals and seat clamp to the Hi-Caliber seat,headset and rims. But wait,that's not even the best part of the bike. Can you believe that the stem clamp and bolts,seatpost clamp and spokes are all 24K gold plated? Well,it's true! Price $499. The same bike costed in 1990 $695. Also,you could buy the frame and fork set as a Trick Star II.
$EXEL: 1988,a killer freestyle machine with everything you need to style. More Bike for you Buck!
$JET: 1988,a hot bike for a cool price! With a freestyle rotor,Hutch freestyle bars,nylon mags,pegs,and freestyle tires. Availablei in 20'' and 16'',both with same components.
$PRO STREET: Race or freestyle,this bike does it all! Removeable wheel discs look cool and cut wind. If you're low on bucks,but want a brand name bike,the Pro Street is for you. Dollar for dollar,it blows away anything you could get at a department store,for about the same price! Why buy a No Name bike when you could have a Hutch!  Pic 1985 Pro Street model.
$XR-1: Race ready BMX bike. MX 901 brakes,175 1-piece cranks,Hi-Caliber seat,7X type wheels (36 spokes),pad set included. Available in 20'',16'' and 12'' version.

Bikes whereof Hutch didn't advertise them as complete bikes

PIT RACER: This is a 16'' BMX racer bike. Same design like his big brothers!
LIL HOLE SHOT: Mini frame-fits 6-9 year olds.
JUNIOR: Frame weight 3 lbs.6 oz. And fits 8-10 year olds.
EXPERT: Frame weight 3 lbs.8 oz. Fits 11-14 year olds.
CRUISER: The Hutch Xtra lite Cruiser Racer is 4 lbs. 4 oz. Chromoly,thickness of tubing is .035 and the diameter of top tube is 1-1/2 and 1-3/8'' for down tube. Fits all sizes and ages. Dimensions: wheel base 39'',center headtube--center seatpost 20'',center headtube--center of B.B. 22-1/2''. The frame and fork is available in chrome.
JUDGE: The signature frame and fork set of Tim Judge.
HOLLYWOOD: Another frame and fork set named after a great rider, Mike  Hollywood  Miranda.