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Orginal Hutch Hi-Performance components

RACING FRAMES: 24''XL frame-Xtra lite:4lbs.'oz.Pro Racer frame-3lbs.11oz.fits 14 years and older.Expert Racer-3lbs.8oz.fits 11-14 years old.Junior Racer frame-3lbs.6oz.fits8-10 years old.«Lil Hole Shot»mini framefits 6-9 years old.16'' Pit Racer frame.All frames available in chrome,white,black and Candy Apple Red. 
FREESTYLE FRAME AND FORK: The Hutch « Trick Star » frame and fork made for great trick performance.It has a platform for frame standing tricks,additional standing platforms on the chain stays,a new confuguration at the steering head,steeper steering head angle and extra thick dropouts. Read here more about the Trick Star forks.
FORKS: Pro Racer fork-1lbs.10oz.,Mini forks-1lbs.5oz.,XL 24''fork-1lbs.14oz.,16''Pit fork 1lbs.6oz.
RACE BARS: Pro Racer Bar-28 1/4''wide 8''rise,Expert Racer Bar-25 1/2''wide 7''rise,Cruiser Racer-Bar-28''wide 6''rise,Mini Racer Bar-24''wide 4 1/2''rise. Mini Racer come in lightweight 2024 aliminum. Later, in the late '80s Hutch made the Bad Bars (some bars had a Hutch stamp).
FREESTYLE HI-FLYER BAR: A 28'' pro bent bar with 2 cross bars.
PRO STEM: Chrome plated aluminum, heat treated, light,strong and long. The longer lenght (2 1/4 inch) will lenghten shorter frames to keep from knocking your knees on the handlebars. Later available in show chrome, candy apple red, candy metal flake blue, Porsche white, Hutch pink, purple reign and black. First series (1983-85) Pro stems had a deep H in the top and came in chrome and anodized colors.. Second series (from around 1986) have a engraved western style H in the top like this freestyle stem and came in many painted colors.
MINI STEMS: For the smaller ones. 1 1/2 inch and 2 inch reaches.
HOLLOW STEM BOLT: Convert your stem to accept Pott's Mod. This bolt is 5 inches in length.
HEADSET LOCK: A lightweight aluminium headset lock available in black or chrome. The first headset locks ( 1983?) were in magnesium in a chrome like finish (leter also in black). Loose headsets will be no longer a problem.
2-N-1 HEADSET AND STEM LOCK: No other piece of equipment can give you that added advantage in the handling and steerbility of your bike. With the 2-N-1, you'll no longer have to worry about that unwanted flex in your gate starts, tight turns and awsome jumps. Very simple, this small clamp now makes it possible to connect the stem firmly to your forks in more then one spot. Available in chrome, white, and purple. Pic first type 1982 headset lock.
MINI HEADSET: Ultralite magnesium mini headset.
AERO-SPEED CRANK: Hutch Aero-Speed Cranks Set-Hollow chromoly arms in 175mm, 180mm and 185mm lenghts.Sealed bearings need no shims or whashers.Over 1/4pound lighter than other cranks. Installation guide: pic1 , pic2 .
AERO-SPEED DISC: This disc fits all one piece cranks along with Hutch Aero-Speed Cranks. It's available in chrome,red,blue,black,white or violet.
BOTTOM-BRACKET LOCK: One piece bottom-bracket lock.Simply remove your old crank locknut and replace it with this to end loosening forever.
PEDALS (1983): Hutch competition racing pedals are the ultimate! The defenitive round cage pedal. Unequaled traction.sealed bearings,replaceable cages and also available with optional titanium shalfts and mini size with titanium shalfts. (later Pro model,1984) Also made as a freestyle pedal with little difference in the cages.
ALUMINIUM HUBS: Aliminum sealed bearings hubs with hollow chromoly axles are super light at 14 1/2ozs.per set.
MAGNESIUM HUBS: Superlite magnesium hubs in chrome,sealed bearings with titanium axles,11 1/2 ozs.for both.
SEAT POSTS: Hutch straight or layback seat posts. 7/8'',chromoly tubing with show chrome finish.
SEAT POST CLAMP: Aerodynamic seat post clamp orginaly in black or chrome only (later in many colors). In 1986 Hutch made a mini size seat post clamp. Same design like the regular and magnufactured from lightweight aluminum (came only in polished silver).
SAFETY PADS: Durable nylon safety pads in a variety of colors and chrome.
Hutch grips give you a optimal grip and are aviable in black,blue and red with an H on the end,white lettering of Hutch and all over pattern of stars.
STADIUM PLATES: (1982) Hutch Stadium Plate. They're big,bold,and come on crowd-pleasing chrome metalic with black racing stripes. This is the plate for chrome bikes;they look pretty good beside brass trophies too!
NUMBER PLATES: (1984) Designed and manufactured by Haro,this number plate has Hutch written all over it. Available in white,black and silver or red,white and blue.
SUPERLITE TIRES: The Hutch tire has kevlar cord instead of steel,which makes the tire more flexible. The soft compound makes for good wearing qualities. Available in 20x1.75 in black only.
CHAINWHEELS: Richard chrome plated everything he could! Here a example of a early Hutch chrome plated chainwheel.
FOOT GUARD: This is a Hutch front brake foot guard. On the package it says endorsed by Woody Itson and Mike Dominguez but we all know it was really designed by Mike Buff. It was also called a "Buff Guard".

Hutch Hi-Caliber line of components (before named Hutch New Force Connection)
(Made to Hutch's specifications by some of the top component companies in Asia)

STEM: BMX or Freestyle design. Made for Hutch by Sakae Ringyo,more commonly known as SR.
SPIDER: In white or black. In 1984 first a part on the Hutch Pro raider and not sold alone. Later Hutch sold the spider as a seperate part.
PEDALS: The resemble the infamous Hutch pedals that revolutionized the pedal world.
MAG WHEELS:  These mag wheels are made by OGK and have the Hutch name embossed. They are made of a nylon and graphite composite. Freewheel or Coaster brake.
48's WHEELS: Sealed hubs and a strong rim make it one of the best wheels around. Colors:silver w/black nipples,all white or white w/black nipples.
TIRES: 1985,Hutch joins the freestyle tire wars with a Tioga made beauty. The big « H » on the treads grabs just as well as anyone else's initials do. No waiting for hot colors either,pink,green,lavender as well as black and white are already on the way. The looks are hot and the ride is good.Also some track tires with the « H ». (close-up photo) Manufactured by Mitsubishi Silver Star for HUTCH.
BRAKE SET: Like you've never stopped before. Simple,responsive,good looking and priced right. Chrome,white or neon blue.
CHAINS: Pink,lavender,white or black.
SEAT: Trick is where it's at with Hutch's freestyle seating innovation. That little padded area gives you a perfectly comfortable place to grab for freestylin'. The pad on top is for those radical bun-zai sessions.
Same like the Hi-Performance grips but only in black.
BOTTOM BRACKET: Your cranks with confidence Hi-Caliber B.B. Sets hold together and spin smooth. Chrome only.
HEADSET: Your scoot into a smooth handling machine with a Hi-Caliber Heat Set. Chrome or white.
SEATPOST CLAMP: Same like the Hi-Performance clamp but in much more colors!
CHAINWHEELS: Without chainwheels you can't ride!

Other Hutch components (signature series)

WOODY (ITSON) BRAKE & FORK: 1986.Here 'tis. What you've all been hearing about-the brand skankin' new Hutch Woody cantilever front brake system! The coolest thing about it is the way the brake gets pulled-from the bottom through a Potts Mod type setup. The brakes began life as SunTour Mountain Bike brakes,but were adapted by Hutch to fit the needs of freestylers who need the most serious brakes money can buy. The whole complete package includes Hutch forks,Hutch brakes,and a hollow Potts stem wedge bolt and adjuster.Price then: $95.00. More info here.
WOODY BARS AND FREESTYLE STEM:  Hutch Woody bars are the same ones that were made by VDC when Woody rode for VDC. Hutch Woody Bar Decal. The Hutch freestyle stem accept rotors without the past bracket problems.
DOMINGUEZ BARS: (Oct.85) These bars,designed for freestyle and used by pro rider Mike Dominguez,feature the « futuristic black » finish that replace grip tape. They are available in various colors and can even be found on the Mike Dominguez bicycle by Hutch. Mike Dominguez Bar Decal.
BUFF BARS: Like the name says, Hutch Mike Buffs signature handlebars.
Those were the ones you could use on any bike!