Super BMX & Freestyle July 1985

For five years Tim Judge has been racing in the red-and-white uniform of team Hutch.
This year his sponsor of a half-decade has decided to name a frame after this legendary jumper.
Tim talks about this development in his BMX career along with his new-found recognition as Da Studd.
"Here comes da Judge!" is the battle cry for fans of Miami's favorite BMX son,Timmy Judge.
While riders come and go,and others change sponsors from year to year,Timmy Judge and Hutch seem as inseparable as ever.But old-timers will tell you that things were not always that way for him.

Judge has been on the scene for a log time.He first rose to fame in the late seventies as a hot amateur racer.He wasn't the winningest rider around,but he was still very successful,winning more than most.To make up for the times he didn't win,Judge had an ace in his pocket that almost guaranteed him some recognition.Make no mistake about it,Timmy Judge is truly amazing in his ability to jump a bicycle.His phenomenal jumping skills are the stuff of  legends.Hey,we the press will be the first to admit it.We have an incurable soft spot in our hearts for those who can jump.Judge's ability quickly paid off with a factory sponsor with MCS and regular free trips to California to be on magazine covers.
But the free ride did not last forever.In attempting to cash in on his new-found fame,Tim began a series of sponsors changes between MCS and Thruster that,in effect,left him unsponsored by the end of 1979.
While his bike jumping was as radical as ever,he hadn't been as consistent in racing as before.The reality was,MCS was his sponsor at the end of the year,but they weren't willing to send him to all the races.The year was quickly drawing to a close.The final race of 1979 was right after Christmas,the Jag World Championships at Indianapolis.Timmy wanted to go but

his sponsor said no,they wouldn't pay for his way.Timmy said, "fine",paid his own way to the race,wore a T-shirt and ended up winning the whole ball of wax,hands down!
The 1979 World Championships win was a milestone event in the life of Timmy Judge.It proved once and for all that his talent was not one-sided.The win netted him a facrory ride on Mongoose,but his freespirited ways did not mix well with the rest of the team and within a few months he left the team to join Hutch.The match-up between Hutch and Timmy Judge was perfect.Hutch was a growing company and Timmy fit right in with their needs to have a rising star.

It's been five years now,and Hutch and Judge are going as strong as ever.Timmy has just won another NBL National in his own state of Florida.Hutch has introduced the "Tim Judge Hutch" and announced plans for a "Tim Judge" line of apparel.Timmy has been busy on other projects as well,helping friend Bill green promote"The Studd" a revolutionary quick-change chainring attachment system.We checked in with Timmy to get his words on all the exciting things going on.

Super BMX:Tell us about the new "Tim Judge" frame by Hutch.
Tim Judge:Well,Hutch and I discussed it while we were in Africa last August.I told him I wanted to make a frame of my own with a few special changes in it.I wanted a bike that was a little bit bigger for me with a little bit stronger dropouts

and things like that to make it stiffer on the gate.
SBMX:When are they actually coming out?
T.J.:They actually are coming out this week (beginning of April).
They've been running the ads for a month or so now,getting everybody ready for them.We've been getting a lot of requests for them so far,so that's pretty good.
SBMX:How long have you been riding on the final version of the frame?
T.J.:I've been testing it since November.I've been giving it a good beating,hitting every jump I can think of.
SBMX:If I had a Hutch now,how much different would this one handle?
T.J.:You could switch right over,with no trouble.You'd just have to get used to the quicker steering.The balance on the jumps is about the same,but the quicker steering tends to make the front end seem lighter,but it's not really any lighter it just is more positive.It's the same basic frame,just a little bit difference in length,a different head angle, and the dropouts and the head tube,I think,are a little bit thicker.It's styled the same,same braces,but the bigger tube on the top and bottom.It's only a half pound heavier,so it's still pretty light.

SBMX:It's made in Maryland,right?
T.J.:Yeah,right bu ol' Hutch's house.
SBMX:Is his factory right next to his house?
T.J.:No,it's actually a ways away down the road.But he's usually at the factory more than his house.I think he lives there.Every time I call he's usually there,even in an elergency at midnight,or something.
SBMX:What kind of emergency would make you call Hutch at midnight?
T.J.:Miss a plain flight or something,where I have to break the news to him.I haven't had to do that this year,but last year I missed a couple.He usually says something like, "Oh no,not again!"

SBMX:So the life of a factory pro can have its problems?
T.J.:Yeah,definitely.It's not all cake and ice cream.
SBMX:Let's talk about "The Studd" quick-change system.Describe how that came about.
T.J.:All right.Bill Green designed it.He called me up one day and asked me to come down and look at it.It's a spider and chainring system where you can change gearing by simply spinning the chainring backward.I'm always interested in new things so I tried it out and told him what I thought about it.
We tested it for a long time to be sure it wouldn't wear out or fall of.
SBMX:New topic:Have you ever thought about moving out of Florida and have you ever felt it was a disadvantage to your racing the pro class to live down there?
T.J.:I used to think it was a little bit of a disadvantage.Before it was just Nelson (Chanady) and I,but now we are getting enough pro racers down here.It's starting to pick up with the number of local pros.The quality of the tracks has never

been a problem.That's one thing we've got here,is good tracks.
SBMX:Well,we think you should do well at the easter races in Florida next weekend,Good luck.
Note: A short piece of the interview is missing (about he and the Trick Team)because I ripped out the poster back then!
But here is something about Tim and the Trick Team:Tim has always been a top-notch jumper and recently has performed with the Trick Team: "I do some tricks and after that they set up the ramp where I jump a car and get some style over it.It looks pretty good."

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