BMX PLUS! Who's the Boss? May 1992

Plus!: What's your background in BMX?
Jay: I've been a pro since '87 and I've raced since '82!
Plus!: You are now co-owner of Hutchins / Revcore,but previous to purchasing the company did you work there?If so,what were you doing?
Jay: Yes,I co-own Hutchins/Revcore with my partner Mike Ferriell. Before the purchase I worked on designs,sales and advertising for Hutchins.
Plus!: How did the opportunity arise for you to purchase this bike company?
Jay: It's sort of a tangled story,but here goes. A man in town,Bill Bellis purchased Hutchins/Revcore from Richard Hutchins and Roger Worsham. He then relocated both companies to Louisville,Kentucky. He had other businesses and not much time to run Hutchins/Revcore so he was looking for someone to help him out. I applied and got the job. I was in charge of management,sales,promotion and design. Mr.Bellis then sold the company to two other people. It turned out that they couldn't handle it so he took it back. He then offered it to Mike and myself in Februari of '91,right before the ABA Winter Nationals last year.

Plus!: How did you know this was a good opportunity?
Jay: The price was definitely one of the factors;besides,I've always wanted to own and run a bike company. Another reason is that I love BMX and I'm always trying to make it bigger. I think Hutchins/Revcore will make a difference in the future.
Plus!: What advice would you give a rider who is considering purchasing an existing BMX company?
Jay: Be cautious in any business decision you make. Get advice from as many sources as you can.
Plus!: How old are you and what is your background and/or education in business?
Jay: I'm 25 and I've had 2-1/2 years of college in business,marketing,accounting,etc.
"The thought of owning a BMX company crossed my mind as soon as I heard Hutchins was in town."  -- Jay Becht

NOTE: Seems Jay Becht was never a co-owner of Hutchins / Revcore! This is what Jeff Haney (the guy who bought the inventory of Hutch from Bill Bellis who was the owner of Hutch) had to say about this:
"I asked Bill about that as well years ago . He said the Jay was more of a hang out guy that he took under his wing. He allowed him to help with everything and be a part of it all but he was never a owner of the company on any level."