Bmx Action December 1984

Hutch flew Da Judge in especially for the test (see BMX Action Pro Racer Test December 1984), right after a semi-successful weekend of racing at an ABA national in Indiana. We say semi-successful because he won the Pro Cruiser class at the pre-race, but then during practice the day of the national, a crash left him with a cut that required nine stitches on his arm. Ouch. But, of cource, he handled it in his usual semi-crazed style. Read on.

Timmy: "I was goin' over the first jump, and I was in the middle of the track. Someone from the inside came over -- I quess he got squirelly right before the jump -- and clipped my back wheel.
When I hit the jump, it was a kickout that wasn't mine. It was to the wrong side. I couldn't pull it back out. I hit the ground and I put my arm up to make sure no one would hit me, and that just made more people hit me. I guess  someone's axle hit my arm."
BMXA: " What'd you do then?"
Timmy:  "I just got up, got my bike, and I didn't really even know I was

Holy chrome-moly, it's Timmy Judge! See the bandage on his arm? That's to cover up a nine stitches he acquired at a race the previous weekend. He never even whimpered when we were out testing and we KNOW it was still hutrin' big-time.

bleeding. I got back to the pits and took off my jersey, and I was standing there looking at my bike. My front wheel was shaped like an L. Then I felt something running down my arm and I looked up and said, 'Ah, a hole!' "
"I went over and told our team manager, and we blasted off to the hospital. Got some stitches, chatted with the doctor a little bit, and he told me why I shouldn't race. I told him why I should."
BMXA: "How much money did you make for the weekend?"
Timmy: "Umm, let's see. 5he's counting on his fingers.) $830."
BMXA: "That's why you should race."
Timmy: "That's what I was sayin', 'I gotta go.' I got to the hospital about 9 a.m., had it all stitched up and ready to go at about 9:35, and made it back for the team parade. I jumped in my first cruiser moto, and I qualified and got my

money. It didn't even hurt."
BMXA: "How about later in the day?"
Timmy: "Yeah about 35 minutes later it HURT! The cut got into the muscle that runs the two outer fingers on the right hand, and that's the two you use when you start. So by the end of the day I was doing three finger starts. That was the only bad thing. I got third in the main."
"Te first day I was railin' -- really feelin' good. With the stitches I felt myself being WAY too cautious. It was just the mental play in my mind that messed me up. One of the motos I was makin' a pass to go into the

Look out Oz, here he comes! Timmy judge knows no fear, and he knows only one way to attack life and racing -- WIDE OPEN! This killer photo was shot by the ABSOLUTELY fearless Bob Osborn.

lead and qualify, and I held myself off, afraid that I might hit it. Little things like that messed me up."
"It"s just like anything. Your mind races for you a lot. If something gets in there that you don't want, it messes you up."
BMXA: "When you're racing against the heavy-duty pros, you can't have ANYTHING in your head that's slowin' you down."
Timmy: "Definitely the truth. You gotta be on and gotta be thinking that way. I think that was one of the biggest things. I felt okay, but I didn't even really realize it was bugging me until I got on the track and backed off. Then I thought to myself, "Why didn't I pedal one more time?' Or, 'Why did I move my elbow over when I should have just

gone ahead?' "
BMXA: "besides the injuries, how do you feel your racing is doing?"
Timmy: "I'm getting' serious now in AA Pro. I got serious when I went from 17 Expert to B Pro and now I gotta go up one more serious notch for AA."
"Before, I'd stop pedalling before the turn, set it up and go through the turn. In AA, you don't set it up. You hold on, hook through it, and hope you still come out on two wheels. If you set up a bike earlier, there's gonna be four guys ahead of you. That's the biggest difference I've found. Everything right on the wire. You're either slidin' or you're makin' it."
"You don't set up going over a jump either. You hit it wide open. If you land smooth, you're okay. If you don't, just hold on 'til you land. That's one of the biggest things -- it's wide open all the time. That's the part I think I've got to get used to the most."
BMXA: "What do you do when you're not racing?"
Timmy: "I'll usually grab my freestyler and go down to the beach."
BMXA: "Are you into freestyle?"
Timmy: " Yeah, I definitely enjoy it. Not like Buff -- no quarter-pipe stuff. But I like to go to

Da Judge in flight over The Crater in Palmdale. It's total gas workin' with T.J. on a test or photo sesion. He always puts out about 150 percent.

the beach and be able to do some tricks that make everybody there think about it. 'hey, look at this guy over there! Check him out!' I like doin' that. Spinnin' some 360's."
"That's just what I do on Sundays. Take my freestyler, drive my truck down there, jump out, go to the beach and hang out all day in the hot sun just trickin' it. You get home after doin' that, and you're pretty sore."
"Then there's a place we go to called The Grove where we take a ramp and jump cars. It's like a big road where everybody cruises their bad rides. We've got the ramp sittin' there and we just flag people down. They pull in front of

the ramp and we jump 'em. Everybody knows us, so we've got guys pulling up in fast Porsches. We just fly over them all kicked out. We've got a lot of pictures."
BMXA: "You mentioned your truck: we heard you got a new one. What's the deal?"
Timmy: "It's RAD. It's even gonna be radder when I get home. I'm gonna put some more goodies on it."
"It's a '82 Datsun regular cab with the ST package, which is like . . . everything. Loaded."
"I added some serious radio components in there. I put 400 watts into eight speakers, and eight inch woofers in the doors so you can really hear me when I'm comin' down the road. It thumps, it DEFINITELY thumps."
"It's got lots of chrome, louvers everywhere, and it's lowered WAY low. It's playin' with the bumps, no doubt. If I drop my change, I can probably pick it up without opening the door. It looks pretty good. I like it. Buff an I just went and picked up some extra parts for it."
BMXA: "What did you get?"
Timmy: "I got a grille, a louvered cover for my Wink mirror, a pop-open back window, and an air dam? That's pretty much all I needed. Everything else I've already got at home."
"I think I'm gonna buy a louver press and start doin' my own louvers. I've been trying to look into it and get ahold of one, 'cause no one in Florida does louvers. I can go down there and just stamp all day. Practice, pump, and practice."

Yeow, that's flat! Did you know that Timmy can even get tabletopped off a rock or a can that's laying in the road? Believe it.

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