BMX TRICKX April 1987,interview by Marsha Blanker

"Hollywood" Mike Miranda  was in the Netherlands a while ago.Before he went to the indoor race in Leeuwarden,he and his wife Pamela held a short holiday in Rotterdam.
Ofcource Mike couldn't resist the appeal of a BMX track and so he ended up at the track of F.C.C. Rotterdam. This BMX club has a great Girl 16+ member who can race but also she makes a club 'zine (very nice!) for the club.
So Mike to this track where he was interviewed by  that super-active girl…Marsha Blanker…best a "SPECIAL"!!!
Name: "Hollywood" Mike Miranda
Day of birth: 15 November 1963
Age: 23
Home: Riverside,California,USA
Sponsor: I'm looking for one!Shopping!!
Co-sponsor: Awesome shoes,JT-racing,A'me,Ultra-max,Muscle-Power,Hutch,Troy Lee Designs,ASCO,Peddel Power,Dian,van Dijk Banden.
How many years in BMX: 9 year
Mechanic: I,only I!
Favourite color: Pink! "Hot Pink" Too Hip!
Favourite food: Mexican and especially No Brussels sprouts!!!
Favourite music: ˝Elvis, ˝ Bob Marley and Extremely hip people!
Favourite TV-program: GET SMART,Very hop program!!! (sky channel)
Favourite drink: YOP and Yoki-drink exotic fruits
Other hobbies then BMX: Motocross,Tennis,Golf,Weight training and road cycling
Idols: Addie van de Ven (BMXer,NL) and Ricky Johnson (famous American motocrosser)
Ever tried freestyle: Yes,ones
Favourite place or track to ride: Jones Supercross.It's my own training BMX track with radical jumps.A cool track for riders with style!
Why don't you ride for Hutch anymore: I had financial problems with the company
Who's or will be your new sponsor for 1987: I'm still busy with different factories in the US,so I can't answer this one
Howlong did you ride for Hutch: Almost 3 years
Who was your first real sponsor: Steady Pedaler Bike Shop
How many and what sponsors did you have in you BMX-career till now:CW,Torker and Hutch were my real sponsors
Do you have free time left for yourself and your wife being a Pro BMXer: No,not really to tell you the truth. If you like to be a real Pro,you need to eat,drink,breathe,think and specially train hard like a real Pro!!!
What's the worst thing being a factory Pro: The pressure on you to prove that you aren't sponsored for nothing! It can be very hard. Really hard!!!
What's the best on being a Factory Pilot: The travelling,the money and free bikes!!!
How long do you train and what training do you do: I train 5-6 hours a day.I do sprints,weights training but only my upper body. I ride a lot on the track,many starts,jump alot,I do many gym exercises,road cycling and I'm looking to my diet
How do you prepare yourself before and during a race: Before I must race,I'm warming up my muscles.As I've done that I ride restful my bike till I must race.After a race,I ride around to let my muscles relax. A few days before a competition I load up my body with carbohydrates and vitamins
How do you survive the ups and downs in all those years of BMX racing. Don't you feel insecure sometimes: Yes,it's making you insecure sometimes,but if you keep thinking positive about yourself and the sport then you can survive the pressure. You must be sure that you enjoy the sport and then you come always forwards.That's the key!!
What are your best results till now: 1984-Murray World Cup winner,1986-Nora Cup winner,1986-4th place at the Worlds in Slough (England)
How many races do you ride during a week or month: Only the bigger races I still ride in the US
How many race you "could" ride in one week in the US: You can ride 8-9 races in one week and you only need to drive 40 minutes or less by car from one competition to the other
What are your plans in racing for 1987: To compete in more international competitions. To win! To make much friends!
How was it to win the Nora Cup in 1986: I'll explain first what the Nora Cup is. It's organized by BMX ACTION. Whole the world can vote for his favourite rider and who get the most votes,is the Nora Cup winner!!! There are 3 different Nora's to win.One for the best team,one for the best bike and one for the best rider. Now how it was to win it. It's the best thing in a BMXers life that you can get! It was more nicer then to win the Murray World Cup!!!
Greg Hill was 3 years the Nora Cup winner and now he lost the Cup with 3 votes. How was his reaction to you when he heard that: He reacted very positif. He found it cool that I won the Cup and he said that I deserved it!
Do you think you can win the Nora Cup for 1987: No,because Tommy Brackens did win it with almost the same votes! NOT BAD!!!
Do you think you can still ride for a couple of years: Yes! At least for another 2 years. Maybe for 5 years. I hope!!!
How long are you married with Pamela: On January 11th,we were married 3 months. She's the boss!!! I'm nothing!!!
Did you know her long before you got married: I knew her for 4 years
How did you get married: I'm married in a church. In California we go every Sunday to the church!
Do you think about children: They look like you and me but only smaller. JUST JOKIN'! Yes maybe in one or three ,four years ahead we start with a family. But if it's up to me,I like 5-6 kids and then I make a factory team!!! Then I call the team: H.M.M.T.H.D.O.F.R. & S.P.
That means: Hollywood Mike Miranda's Too Hip Daddy-O Factory Radsters & Surf Punks!!!! SO WATCH OUT GUYS!!!!
Do you have a special tip or message for our Dutch BMXers: Sure I have. Get rad! And stay that way! Too hip. Rocka Billy Lives,Elvis is the King and Bob Marley rules!!!
Note: I've translated this interview back to English (from Dutch),so these words are not the exact same ones that Mike used!

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