Interview with Toby Henderson,questions asked by myself Januari 2003

Hi Toby,
First of all thanks for doing this interview.
So let's begin.

JJR: When did you star with BMX? 
Toby: Started racing at the age of twelve in 1974 and turned PRO in 1979 at the age of 17
JJR: And when did ended your BMX career?
Toby: In 1987 at the age of 26 and then turned PRO Mountain Bike Racer
JJR: When did you race for Hutch?
Toby: 1981
JJR: Did you race only in 1981 for Hutch? I thought it was for more years.
Toby: It was so long ago but 81' to 83' so 3 full seasons!
JJR: What were your best results in BMX?
Toby: National Champion in 1983 on cruiser. Top 3 20' for three straight years.
JJR: What Hutch bikes did you ride?
Toby: Pro XL and Pro XL Cruiser
JJR: That Pro XL is unknown for me. Do you mean a XL Pro Racer?
Toby: Yes
JJR: Did you have ever any influence on the Hutch products?
Toby: I was the first Pro for Hutch. Most items were designed for me through my input to Hutch himself
JJR: How was it to be a member of one of the greatest BMX factory teams ever?
Toby: Even though I rode for a few good teams HUTCH was by far the most powerful team in BMX at that time. It was truly an honour to be a part of the program.
JJR: What's the first thing that's comes up in your mind when reading the following:
     -Richard Hutchins.
Toby: An awesome power father figure who would not take second place as a good day!
     -Hutch bikes/components.
Toby:At that time Hutch was very innovative. We did have problems with new products but he did work through them. Since I was chasing points for Pro Number 1 I usually did not race prototype stuff. The Hutch Stuff was some of the best stuff I ever rode.
     -Hutch B.B.Q. at the races.
Toby: Cool, but a distraction as a racer.
     -Pro Gard, the chain cover you promoted in a ad in 1983.
Toby: One of the mot simple products produced but it did not work well enough for pro level riding.
     -Worlds 1983,Slagharen,Holland.
Toby: Beer, girls with hairy armpits and a great race track!
     -Tim Judge,the person.
Toby: Great off the track but crazy when on it or around one!
     -Hutch Judge frame set.
Toby: Jealousy cause he had his own frame. But that is what Hutch did for him to equal him to me. See Hutch made him stay expert cause I was the PRO and Timmy was not happy about that so he got a signature frame
     -Coca Cola Cowboy.
Toby: A lame name that had no reason for who I was. I still live with it today!
JJR: How did you got that name?
Toby: Bob Osbrone from BMX Action gave it to me. Why I do not know???
     -Mike Miranda (I don't know if you were ever teammates).
Toby: Mike took my spot when I left Hutch. He was a great promoter for Hutch.
JJR: Did you leave Hutch or did Hutch dropped you?
Toby: I left Hutch for SE racing. They paid me 3 times what Hutch offered. It was a mistake on my part. I should have stayed at Hutch.
JJR: Can you explain that?
Toby: SE paid me a lot more money than Hutch to switch, but were unable to promote me as much as Hutch therefore in the long run it was a bad move. SE did however buy my first house for me!
JJR: What BMX sponsors did you have in you career?
Toby: DG, Raliegh, Hutch, SE, GT in that order.
JJR: I've never seen you in a GT uniform. Did you race long for GT and alone GT BMX bikes or also MTB?
Toby: Mostly MTB but I did race internationally for GT BMX in 1988
JJR: What sports did you after your BMX career? And what do you still do?
Toby: PRO Mountain Bike Racer till 98' and now I own 3 Bicycle related companies.
JJR: If I'm right,D.H. mtb isn't it?
Toby: Yes Downhill.
JJR: What are you doing at present and what are your plans for the future?
Toby: Working the three companies 24/7
JJR: Can you tell me what companies?
Toby: Pro Bike Parts a Mail order company….THE is MTB parts and Pure Bicycles is a Bicycle company and along with Pure is SINZ a BMX parts company.
JJR: Do you still own a BMX bike,maybe a Hutch?
Toby: The only BMX bike I have is a GT Box series 24"
JJR: Why a GT?
Toby: I like the Box series and it was free.
JJR: Never thought to race the Veteran class once in a while?
Toby: I chased those points in 94 but not sense then. I plan to race in 2003
JJR: Great! 20" or 24"? On what brand?
Toby: 24" and PURE
JJR: How difficult is it to race BMX again after all those years?
Toby: I think my MTB experince will help the transition more but I am not going for any titiles at this point
JJR: What do you think of my JJR bikes,especially the aluminium cruiser? (see my site!)
Toby: Hard to tell with out seeing it in person but it looks good from here.
JJR: Never thought to bring your own brand BMX?
Toby: See above!!!
JJR: Can you tell me about your new deal,pro bike parts,with the ABA?
Toby: We are the sole vendor at all ABA Nationals!
JJR: Is there anyone in your family who's racing BMX?
Toby: Nope my daughter is a MTB er
JJR: So you was a BMX Pro and a MTB Pro. What bike do you like more when you see in the past. BMX or MTB? And in what sport did you have the best time?
Toby: MTB cause the days are shorter…MTB cause it was more highend..Still love BMX though
JJR: What's your comment for the BMXers of today?
Toby: Be Professional and it will go a long way!

Well Toby,
I thank you very much for the answers and wish you all the success in the future and hope to see you on a BMX soon!

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