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Here Come Da Judge, Bicycle Motocross Action August 1981

Steve Veltman National Champion, Super BMX May 1983

Five minutes with Monte Gray, BMX Action July 1984

Moto Notes, Tim Judge, BMX Action December 1984

Da Judge, BMX & freestyle July 1985

Mike  Hollywood  Miranda, BMX Action April 1985

Mike  Hollywood  Miranda, Bicross magazine May 1985

the Hutch Lil' Squad, BMX Action August 1986

DO A TRICK (Woody Itson), Super BMX & freestyle Juni 1986

Mike  Hollywood  Miranda, BMX TRICKS April 1987

co-owner of Hutchins / Revcore Jay Becht, BMX PLUS! May 1992

Toby Henderson, myself Januari 2003

Woody Itson, myself Februari 2003

Woody Itson, VBMX members Chris Ard and Jeff Slavik  May 2004

Mike Miranda, myself  May 2005

My talk with Rich Hutchins Jr. about Hutch BMX December 2008

A visit to the fam. Hutchins by James Hanna September 2016