BMX ACTION Test / August 1988 (words: Gork)

Some people may think it's not nice to do,but I like to categorize things--people,cars,bands,bikes,etc. I try not to do it too often,but I can't help it . . . Take for instance . . . my roommates. I categorize them as "strange" and "immature" (Lew ans Spike,in that order). I'd hate to hear what they categorize me as. People are probably the easiest to categorize--especially in high school where you have jocks,cheerleaders,rockers,burnouts,brains or nerds,and regulars (which is where us BMX'ers are).
The other night I was at LAX picking up Mad Dog from a race and while waiting for his plane in TWA Terminal 43,I suddenly realize how I was categorizing the people around me:suits,airheads,college frat-brats,senior cit'z,womens lib'ers,drunk businessmen,and then I,myself was the only normal one. I wonder why . . .?
Cars are funner to categorize:expensive,hot rods,mini-trucks,thumpers,cop cars,mommy and daddy's BMW's,piles of (use any four letter word,like "junk"),'vertibles,classics,or plain-ol'-everyday-run-o'-the-mill autos,which is where I'd classify my Supra at.
Music is probably the most categorized subject of all--you hav'ta listen to either country,punk rock,metal,top-40,opera,or new-wave. Then there's even more break-downs of each of those categories--like in heavy metal,your choices are speed metal (Slayer,Exodus,Metallica);glam-rock (Poisen,Bon Jovi,Hanoi Rocks);British

Ronnie Anderson does his job and he does it darn good.If you lose to him,you aren't doing your job.Colossus bermshot.

metal (Def Leppard,Saxon);L.A.metal (Lizzy Borden,Faster Pussycat,L.A.Guns,Guns 'n Roses);female metal (Lita Ford,Girlschool,Lee Aaron);old metal (Ozzy,Black Sabbath,Aerosmith);or regular metal (Iron Maiden,Krokus,AC/DC). Get it?
Of cource,my all-time most popular category for categorizing is bicycle related objects,such as types of riders (squids,novices,experts,cool riders,pros,girls,or mini-munchkins). Or too often I find myself classifying types of bikes,such a department store wonders,$200 Taiwanese budget bargains,jokes,quality U.S.-made machines,garage companies,or highdidg.big buck race bikes. The latter is where our test bike fals in--$499 Hutch Pro Racer.
Now that I've gotten to our main objectif--classification and categorization of our subject at hand,let's get more diverse. The Hutch Pro racer has its good and its bad. Its quality and its cut-cornerness.
Starting at the top of the "good list" are the Hutch bars,stem and pedals. Hutch "bad bars" are the same as the infamous Woody bars that so many people still prefer. Hutch pedals,once departed with there CPSC reflectors,are very burly. Urchin's mauy rip,but these Hutch's stick. The Hutch stem has the proper length,beef,and hold. You can't ask for anything better,but you can ask for lighter.
Now for the "not-so-dailed parts chart"--which actually doesn't make the bike bad or anything,it just seemed as if some of the equipment was either unnescessary or illogical. For one,front brakes. Why? Hutch say's it's a CPSC ordinance and that he won't mind a bit if you remove them to race. Cool enough,I say. But how 'bout that heavy-yet-comfortable Hi-Caliber seat? Why does a $500 race bike have a freestyle cushion-pad underneath and up top? Don't ask us--just replace it with a nice,hard,plastic,lightweight race seat from Tioga or somethin'. Besides,our Hi-Cal seat got its guts stripped out just by tightening it. We can explain why Hutch put chrome radiation pads on the P.R. . .It's for camouflage--so you can't tell whether it has pads or not!
Other good stuff to note are the Peregrine cranks--choice equipment that doesn't cost an arm,

Big air at « Flem's, » courtesy of « Scooter » Allen.Despite the position of his left foot,the Hutch pêdals do grip.Ho hey hip,do they grip!

leg,or any other appendage. Pery's are staying tight now and Hutch's decision to use 1890's with sealed B/B bearings was a good one. Gearing was good--43-16. Hubs were fine--aluminum,mow-flanged,and sealed. The Kenda tires were a good attempt at copying real Tioga's. What's left? . . . The seat post clamp? Nothin' less than awesome--chrome,round,and tight.
Wanna summary? Theprice is up there. When you pay that much ($499),you no doubt want the best of everything and like we just reviewed ,the Pro Racer isn't full of the top-of-the-line stuff. Almost,but not THEE top stuff. Should you have to replace things immediately on a bike of this high-caliber? You decide.
What it comes down to is,the main reason for a person to buy a Hutch over another $500 brand would be handling,geometry,and design. The Pro Racer basically has the same geometry as the now-legendary Holly

As you can plain well see,the Hutch Pro Racer is a tad small for Ron-boy.Pro-sized it is not.The Crazed One copes though--he raced this same exact bike bone stock at this year's Chandler national?The rear axle was as far back as it goes,but he did race it . . .

wood frame. The bike feels small when sitting on it,but once cranking,the Hutch stem gives you more room than thought. Steering is quick. Handling is stable. The rear-end is short,which makes for easy wheeling and powering out of turns. You get a good snap on the start,so we'd suggest you start off by test-riding one at your nearest authorized Hutch dealer. Price and compare. The Hutch just might be what you're looking for.   

Complete bike price: $499 suggested retail.
Finishes available: Show-chrome only.
Complete bike weight: 26 pounds.
Frame weight: 4 lbs., 13 oz.
Fork weight: 1 lb?; 13 oz.
Handlebar rise: 8 ¼ inches.
Handlebar width: 28 inches.
Top tube O.D.: 1 inch.
Bottom tube O.D.: 1 3/8ths.
Fork tube O.D.: 1 inch.
Head tube angle: 72 ½ degrees.
Seat tube angle: 74 degrees.
Bottom bracket height: 11 ¼ inches.
Wheelbase: 36 ¼ inches to 37 ¾ inches.
Rear end length: 14 inches to 15 3/8ths inches.
Frame: Hutch Pro Racer (identical to the Hollywood model),4130 chrome-moly
Fork: Hutch Pro Racer,4130 chrome-moly
Handlebars: Hutch "Bad" Bars (same as the past Woody bars),4130 chrome-moly
Stem: Hutch Ultimate Pro,chrome,exgruted/
Machined aluminum head with chrome-moly shaft
Grips: Mushroom-type
Headset: Hi-Caliber chrome
Rims: Sumo aluminium
Hubs: Joy Yu,aluminum bodies,sealed bearings, chrome-moly axles
Spokes: 36,14 gauge,polished stainless steel
Tires: Kenda skinwalls,Comp-III type,20x1.75

Brakes: Hi-Caliber side pulls,front and rear
Brake pads: Hi-Caliber
Brake lever(s): Hi-Caliber,tech-4 type
Brake cables: Hi-Caliber
Pedals: Hutch Ultimate Pro, Cast aluminum, 4140 chrome-moly shafts with sealed bearings and big teeth
Cranks: Peregrine 180mm, chrome-moly, chrome
Bottom bracket bearings: Peregrine sealed
Front sprocket: Hutch solid disc 43T
Rear sprocket: SunTour 16T
Chain: KMC, slotted, lightweight, 1/2x1/8th
Seat: Hi-Caliber, with pads up top and underneath
Seat post clamp: Hutch Ultimate, aluminum, chrome
Extras: Reflectors everywhere--including rigged onto the cool Hutch pedals, and a three-piece Hutch pad set (why chrome?)

Purpose: racing or street.
Age range: 13-years up to big guys,under 6 foot tall riders.
Quality of finish: Exellent! Hutch takes total pride in their looks dept. The frame is first copper-coated,then hand-polished,then nickel plated,then show chromed for that highly reflective,deep chrome look. The company that does it for Hutch are the same guys who chrome Kawasaki and
Honda motorcycle exhaust pipes.
Quality of welding: Good. No complaints or room for pickiness.
Quality of componentry: Half good and half cheap. The brakes,seat,and a few other things could've been more qual to fit the price tag.
Geometry: Perfect. No probs.
Handling: Killer, Kind of a cross between a Titan and a Mongoose.
Miscellaneous comments: "It's a kind of strange--some parts on the Pro Racer don't get any better,like pedals and stem,but then Hutch threw in somewhat budget parts like
tires,seat,and brakes."…"Has Ronnie been riding a Hutch-Bear?"…"Why two brakes?"…"Chuckle,gaps,laugh,sputter (over the pads)!"…"If this were mine,I'd immediately change
grips,seat,tires,and remove the front brakes.Then I'd go race it in the expert class."…"Nice bike,nice price."…
Test areas: "Flem's" in Daimond Bar,"Colossus" in Anaheim Hills,and various jumps around town…
Test input: Ronnie "I'm not crazy no more" Anderson, Brandon "Got my gold" Allen, Mad "I'm a pro now" Dog, Spike 'I wanna be regea" Jonze,Windy "Just one more…" Osborn,and Kroga'.