BMX PLUS! Test / September 1989
An alphabetical review on the '89 Hutch Windstyler

A=AGGRO--Suitable slang for which to introduce the test of the '89 Hutch Windstyler.
B=BURLY--The best one-word description of the kind of session the Windstyler was put through--both flatland and ramps.
C=COOL--The first word that came to mind when Plus! Staffers removed it from its box and build it up. A chrome,full-chromoly frame-and-fork set dressed in dual-crossbar handlebars,an extra-long freestyle stem and a laidback seatpost make up the Hutch touch.
D=DEF--It was the kind of jam that the staffers conducted on the 'Styler in front of their headquaters. It also describes the Hi-Caliber parts that make the 'Styler complete. From the pedals to the FZ-2001 brake calipers to the 48-spoked wheels,this pup has some smooth ingredients.
E=ELVIS-- He flaked out on this Test Forcers Jess Dyrenforth and Rocky Hamacher took over for him.
F=FREAK--Yeah,that's what Jess and Rocky did when we called them at the last minute to fill in for  The King. 
G=GROSS--That refers to the mega-hour drive that the staffers experienced on their journey south to the test site--the  Enchanted House. 
H=HATIN' IT--An appropriate phrase for the current condition on the  Enchanted Ramp.  Despite an urgent need for a few layer of plywood,it still was able to host the Windstyler to an aerial attack.
I=INSANE--It was the state of mind both Jess and Rocky were after they pedaled the

'Styler around Wilkerson's front yard and realized how dialed-in-it was.
J=JESS DYRENFORTH--He was the ramp man for the test who did over two hours of pure blasting. He carried over the state of mind that he developed in the  I  category and was able to get rad enough to develop a sane evalution on the 'Styler's ramp capabilities.
K=KARL ROTHE--He was the reporter on the scene and also the fellow in charge of provoking Jess to  Get sick,dude. 

L=LUXURIES--The lower crossbar of the 'Styler's handlebar is a nice addition and it supposedle adds strength. Also,its forks have dual peg positioning mounts to suit the needs of picky riders. The addition of 12 more spokes per wheel than the norm along with a framestanding platform,which is no longer considered essential by most freestylers,can be found secured to the 'Styler's being.
M=MOVES--Cancans,lookbacks,no-footers,one-handed one)footers and a whole load of lip-trick variations were pulled by Jess.
N=NECESSITIES--The full-chromoly chassis was number one on the list. The gyro detangler and the rear chainstay platforms came in next. Also,the fact that the 'Styler had enough pieces to form a complete bike was considered a necessity in itself.
O=OVERVIEW--The pup felt really light,according to Jess. He said that with the combination of the extra-long stem and the laidback seatpost,the 'Styler felt real long--which was a plus. He also commented that it was easy to hit big airs because it road fast and was easy to gyrate. The only thing Jess didn't

care for was the pedals. He said they were too slippery for his taste. At the end of his ramping session,the 'Styler showed no injuries. It toughrd Jess out all the way untill he started doing ramp-to-cliffside canyon jumps. It was an unfair feat that took its toll on the forks--they bent slightly outward.
P=PERSPECTIVE--It's important to keep in mind that'in general,Jess didn't deliberately try to damage the 'Styler. He rode it normally like he would his own bike--except for his canyon jumps.
Q=QUINTESSENTIAL--It's not set up for a top expert or pro ramp rider as equipped,but its  Enchanted  performance was outstanding.

R=ROCKY HAMACHER--He was the flatland man for the test,but before he did any riding he talked all present at the scene into taking a break.
S=SEVEN-ELEVEN--It was the mini-market that had a special on 32-ounce Big Gulps,so the break was stationed there.
T=THE BEAVE--He's the staff photographer at Plus! Who captured the test event on film. You can find him covering a lot of Plus! Events these days; except of cource,when he's not harrassing Karl in his spare time.
U=UNUSUAL--Rocky  Lobster's  flatland session,on the side of the  Enchanted House,  was just that,since it took little time to pull off some of his favorite moves. As he evaluated the 'Styler,he noted that the levers didn't have much leverage due to their short length; then he explained that the handlebars felt like high and that the chainstay platforms seemed too far forward. He continued to say that the 'Styler felt fine on shuffling tricks,but when it came to rolling tricks,even the lowest fork-peg mounting was too high and felt awkwaed to him. He then mentioned that the popular vote is to go with axle pegs for modern rolling tricks.
V=VARIATIONS--Rocky Lobster pulled freshness like stick-b's elephant glides,side-squeak walks (a lobster orginal),burnt shoes,steamrollers and elbow glides.
W=WEAR--The 'Styler suffered a few spills from its many thrills,but no ills; Rocky didn't break or bent anything--futher
X=X-RAY--The staffers couldn't look on the inside of the 'Styler,so the exterior wear'n'tear input will have to do.
Y=YES--The scoot did have soul (too bad  The King  missed out). It's capable of doing the freestyle thing for both flatland and ramps up to a reasonable level. For just under $300 it can be considered a bargain; a lot of bike comes with the price tag. If you're looking for a cool (as in

Rocky Hamacher can glide one-legged elephants all over the place with the help of the Windstyler. A notable achievement on a bike or in the wild.

letter  C ) mid-ranged trick bike,you just may have stumbled across one--evaluation and all.
Z=ZORRO--An individual capable of marking the spot where the test of the 1989 Hutch Windstyler concludes.
Type: Freestyle,20'';age range 10 and over.
Frame design: Single 1'' O.D. top tube that leads to extended 5/8'' O.D. seatstays for a framestanding platform;single 1-3/8'' O.D. down tube.
Frame construction: 100% chromoly.
Fork construction and design: Tubular chromoly with dual screw-in peg mountings,
1-1/8'' O.D. blades,leading axle design.
Wheelbase: 36-1/2'' to 37-1/2''.
Bottom bracket height: 10-3/4'' (center to ground).
Chainstay lenght: 15-1/2'' (center of bottom bracket to midpoint of rear dropouts).

You can clip your heels on the welded-on chainstay platforms when you pedal,if you're not careful. So be careful!

Steering head angle: 72.
Rims: Hutch Hi-caliber,alloy,48-spoke.
Hubs: Joy-Tech,sealed bearings.
Tires: Hutch freestyle,20'' x1.75''  front and rear.
Freewheel: Shimano,16T.
Pedals: Hutch Hi-Caliber
Cranks: One-piece chromoly,175mm.
Front sprocket: Hutch Compact disc,44T.
Bottom bracket: Hutch Hi-Caliber,steel,caged bearings.
Chain: KMC,1/2''x1/8''.
Grips: Mushroomtype.

Hutch gives you the option of two fork-peg heights

Handlebars: Hutch,100% chromoly,double crossbar,28'' wide by 9-3/4'' rise.
Stem: Hutch Ultimate Freestyle,alloy clamp,chromoly shaft,hollow stem bolt.
Seat: Hi-Caliber.
Seatpost: Hutch,100% chromoly,laidback.
Seatpost clamp: Hutch Hi-Caliber,alloy.
Calipers: Hutch Hi-Caliber FZ-2001,front and rear.
Levers: Tech 4 type.
Odyssey Gyro,CPSC equipment.
26-3/4 lbs.