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Brainstorming about  slotted gusset, MCS bend fork and double stamped brake bridge

The first Hutch cruisers were made early 1982 (tested in BMX Plus! March 1982).The first 25 cruisers came with a MCS bend fork and had a slotted MCS gusset and a single stamped brake bridge.
So, there are 20" frames with slotted gusset and single stamped brake bridge. I assume those were also made early 1982.
Next we have double stamped brake bridge frames with MCS bend fork (photo of the 20" bike with MCS bend fork previous page has a double stamped brake bridge, shown above left pic).
Double stamped brake bridges was the second batch of stamped brake bridges. MCS bend forks came on the early 82 cruisers.
So, the double stamped brake bridge frames must be made right after the slotted gusset frames, let's say around mid. 1982.

Hutch Thruster style forks

Thruster made some Thruster style forks for Hutch because the high demand at one point for Hutch F&F.
One of the biggest problems Hutch had was demand, that's why it was hard for them to keep tabs on everything. Richard Hutchins was very hard on the production team back then. To keep up with the demand they just tried to get it done how ever they could.
To safe time and money on retooling Thruster made Thruster style Hutch forks. Two style dropouts were used, the real Thruster model (pics Lil Hole Shot left) and a slightly different model (right pic).
Hutch were just filling orders as fast as they could. The only thing Hutch did do was if a dealer ordered

more then one frame set they made sure they got all of the same fork design.
Note: Thruster style forks came on Lil Hole Shot frames ( who were made by Thruster too) with stamped brakebridge. There are Hutch bikes popped up with drilled brake bridge who had a Thruster style fork. Supose that the last Profile made frames with drilled brake bridge got a Thruster style fork.

VBMX member Raybeard's Hutch factories photo's

December 2004. I've been meaning to photograph the Hutch "factory" locations for some time. I was to go Christmas shopping on Sunday but I have more fun tracking down these photos. Before Sunday I'd never been to any of the Hutch "factories".
I used the Hutch addresses from their magazine ads. The earliest ad stated Swan Cove when they were just a bike shop. I beleive the shop was at the home and a trailer at the track.
1) the Hutchins home in Pasadena, MD. For all you stalkers I confirmed via MD public record that they no longer own this home. This home has frontage to the Chesapeake Bay on the other side.
2) the Alco Place facility in south Baltimore (Halethorpe).
3) the Benson Avenue facility located about 3 miles from the Alco facility in south Baltimore (Halethorpe).

4) The Thruster Factory

Hutch used subcontractors to build there frames. Some frames and forks were made by Speed Unlimited (beter known as the Thruster factory) in Wayne,N.J. Here's a pic of the old Thruster factory. Thanks to VBMX member mtbnj for the pic.

1981Hutch Nora Cup flyer

Hutch Aero-Speed Installation Guide
Thanks to David Ceyssel from France.

Hutch « aero » seat

This is a 1981 Hutch flyer that the Hutch factory riders handed out at races to help get votes for the Nora Cup that was in the October issue of BMX Action.

This seat you only could find on the complete bikes of the PRO STAR and the TRICK STAR. It's actually a Kashimax Aero seat with gold Hutch printing on both sides.

Hutch Owner's Manuals
These manuals came with the complete Hutch bikes.

Hutch pad sets

The first generation Hutch pads used till 1982.

Pad set used for most years till 1987-88

In 1988 Hutch had a new set with another letter type

The last generation Hutchins pad set,used till the end of the

Hutch gators

These things were for a short time fasion (1982-1983),but never knew the real use of it! Some say these were made to keep your pants from getting caught in your chain while racing. They give you more protection with a coördinated Hutch look.