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Different Hutch Trick Star forks

In the beginning the Trick Star had a fork like the race fork,no pegs at all (but with thicker dropouts). Later Hutch welded pegs (small tube design) on the legs. Also Hutch made a fork  with a kind of cages welded on the fork legs, simular like on the chainstays (don't know if they were into production). There were forks with different sized  tube  pegs. Possition of the pegs could  vary as well. Woody Itson had a fork with higher positioned pegs, those were made in serial for the public for a short time).

This is the fork of Mike Buff's bike in a ad for freestyle pad kits,March 1985.

Trick Star fork in a French magazine ad from 1986.

Trick Star fork in a French magazine ad from 1986.

Woody Itson's fork in a ad for Hutch with the Trick Star,October 1986.

1986 Trickstar fork with brazed on cable quide.

Mike Buff and his Hutch bikes

Mike Buff is known as a good freestyle rider and rode a Hutch for several years. He used a Hutch racing frame like you could see on photo 1 from 1984. On the photo 2, also taken in 1984, you see Mike Buff testing the prototype  trick Star . If I see to the frame, I see a connection with the Wind Styler. Mike rode also a Trick Star, like you see in the ad for Johar ,photo 3. On that picture you can see a rare Trick Star fork, maybe a prototype fork? Photo number 4, Mike in a ad for ACS on a Trick Star.





Special Colors

Futuristic Black race F&F:
Most people think that only the Invasion Tour Weapon Trick Stars  came in Futuristic Black. But Hutch made other framesets available in futuristic black.
After Woody left Hutch they made most framesets available in futuristic black. They weren't that common, and they were almost always "out of stock", but they were out there. Our shop sold either a Hollywood / Pro Racer or a Judge in FB to some kid circa 1987. (mr coasterbrake, former Hutch dealer)
Haney, a BMX collector, has a FB Judge in his collection. Another VBMX member had a FB Hollywood.

Left rare Futuristic Black race frame. Right NOS Futuristic Black fork with a Nora Cup decal on the steering tube (even more rare).

Baby Blue Judge frame set: Right pic a NOS baby blue Judge F&F

Fake Hutch sold by Sears, Canada

Seems there were fake Hutches sold by Sears in Canada. The white was bought in 1986 as the orginal owner told me. Look to the stem! Supose that's also a fake Hutch pro stem!.

Hutch Trail Star
Hutch didn't make only BMX stuff. This is a 26" Hutch Trail Star. Made with Champion tubing.