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Hutch Racing Jerseys

First generation Hutch Factory Team jersey. Used in 1980 and for a part in 1981.

Second generation jerseys. Used the most years from 1981 till 1985. In 1988 factory riders used this type jersey again (after the big changes), to reduce old stock. Different team jerseys were made: Factory Team, Factory Support, Support Team, Co-Sponsor, Co-Sponsor Team and jerseys for the public.

Third generation from 1986 till 1988. Red side is the front, blue side is the back of the jersey.
In 1989 Hutch made a simular jersey, but with the more modern designed letter type.

Hutchins jerseys, 1991-92

Hutch Racing Pants

Look to the ads and factory riders pics to find out when these pants were used and for other designs not shown here.

Clothes made by YES

French stuff (by WIN and V2000)