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In the second half 1990 Hutch was forced to give up the Hutch name because another company had the rights for this brand name. So, they changed it to Hutchins.
In 1990 Hutchins had the Judge II that came in Pro and XL size (see Tim Judge section). In the 1991 catalog the Hutchins frames are just called the Pro or the XL.

There are 2 Hutchins style decals. The Judge II tested in BMX Plus! October 1990, has the bursting star decals, those are rare these days because they weren't used for a long time. After came the red/chrome/blue Hutchins design.
At one point Profile was building the Hutchins frames. Those must be the ones with Profile style dropouts.
Last Hutchins frame sets had a fork with another design, more pointy design without the famous hole.

Hutchins forks

On the left pic you can see two different Hutchins forks. The left is a rare one I suppose. According to Chris/Mr Coasterbrake, a former Hutchins dealer, they only used such dropout for a few months before the company shut down.

The last couple of frames he ordered had that dropout, but there was never an explanation as to why they changed. Chris guess is maybe they ran out of regular dropouts and they made these to finish using some fork-stock before they closed the company--that's just a guess, thought. This was sometime in 1992.
(Thanks to Mr.Coasterbrake for this info)
Right pic another look on the Hutchins fork (decals aren't orginal).

Hutchins cruiser made by Profile

I got a question about a Hutchins cruiser from Adam Gelcich and he was wondering if it was a Hutch, Hutchins or something else (see pics).
We all know that Hutch and Profile frames look simular.
But it seems that the last Hutchins cruisers were made by Profile.
Here's what Mr.Coasterbrake had to say: (posted November 15, 2003 03:28 PM  on VBMX) Yep, it's a Hutchins. When i was a Hutchins dealer I was told by the rep that he thought they were made by Profile, hence the Profile style dropout. I had one like

that and I still have another one which is the same except it also has 2 holes in the brake bridge (like a Profile). The original fork actually was a re-stickered Profile cruiser fork (similar, but slightly different dropout shape from Hutch...and straight cut at the bottom of the leg).