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First Hutch decals

Left: The first Hutch decals from 1980-81. Those were red printed on a white background. You can see those decals on  Rich Fareside's bike.
Right: The second generation decals with the rare headtube decal from 1981 (see also pics above).
Note: A piece of those decals was used for the first Hutch cranks!

Hutch True Temper Bottom Bracket Decal

Even though Hutch frames used true temper tubing as early as '83, i've only seen this decal used on 84-85's.
Words by mr coasterbrake from VBMX.

Hutch Pro Star decal evolution

In 1983 Hutch build there first Pro Star (see bike tests).
The first Pro Star had a standart Pro Racer decal set with on the down tube a rub on PRO STAR decal next to the usual HUTCH decal. Don't know if there were ever sold Pro Stars with such rub on decal? (I've heard that Toby Henderson had such rub on decal on his bike in 1982)
Later in 1983 Hutch made the first real Pro Star down tube decal and in 1984 the design changed a bit to the decal most people will remember.

1983 rub on decal

1983 decal

1984 decal

Hutch  as seen in the movie RAD  decal

When the movie RAD came out (some Hutch factory riders played in that movie), Hutch added to there frames a extra decal on the top tube (under the round world champions product decal) with the text  as seen in the movie RAD . Left pic is from a pink Trick Star. Right pic is from a orginal red Judge frame (thx to the owner Troy Little). All decals on both pics are orginal!

Hutch BMX stickers
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