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1980 The first Hutch Factory Team photo of Rich Farside and Tim Judge. (thanks to Rich Farside)

1981 Factory Team: Chad Cornelius, John McNeil, Ginger Effinger, Keith Hutchins, Richie Hutchins, Jay Breitenbach, Walter "tiger" Holda, Lori Weakley, Chris Ziska, Greg Bantum.
1981 National Team: Andrew Soule, Special K, Richie Farside, Tim Judge, Heidi Mirisola.
1981 Support Team: Scott Miller, Jeff Kunkel, Toni Madsen, Jeff Hughes.

Later 1981 Team: Rich Farside, Heidi Mirisola, Toby henderson, Tim Judge, Richie Hutchins, Tim Root, Ginger, Digger Kalsow, John Mc Neil, Andrew Soule, Keith Hutchins, Jason Griggs, Special "K" Collins.

1982 Factory Team: Toby Henderson,pro-- Tim Judge,17 expert-- Charlie Williams,16 expert--  Steve Veltman,12 expert--Jason Griggs,12 expert-- Monte Gray,11 expert-- John McNeil,10 expert-- Missey Fred,Jr. Powder Puff-- Lori Weakley,Intermediate Powder Puff-- Heidi Mirisola,Senior Powder Puff.

1983 World Champion Team: (Top Left To Right) Steve Veltman,13 expert,ABA National #1 Amateur,ABA National #1 Cruiser-- Tim (T.J.) Judge,17 expert,World Champion-- Charlie Williams,17 expert,NBL National #1-- Mrs.Hutch,Cruiser Ladies World Champion-- Toby Henderson,Pro,NBL #2-- J.G. Garonzik,15 expert,ABA District #1-- (Bottom Left To Right) Digger Kalsow,13 expert-- John McNeil,11 expert-- Monte Gray,11 expert,World Champion-- Jason Griggs,12 expert,NBL National #2,Winner of both Grand Nationals-- Missy Fred,6-10 girls-- Brad Moore,9 expert,ABA District #1-- (not shown)  Brit Adude,7 expert,World Champion.

1984.America's Red,White and BleuTeam.Back row,left to right:Monte Gray-13 exp.,Jason Griggs-14 exp.,Jason Johnson-12 exp.,Middle row,left to right:Thelma Hutchins-owner of company,Tim Judge-Pro,Steve Veltman-14 exp.,Christy Anderson-12/13 girls,Gregg Liggins-16 exp.,Richard Hutchins-owner of company,Front row,left to right:Mike Buff-freestyele expert,Brad Moore-10 exp.,Wendy Sue Winter-10/11 girls,Woody Itson-freestyle expert

1985.Monte Gray, Jason Griggs, Jason Johnson, Tim Judge, Steve Veltman, Brad Moore,Wendy Sue, Mike Miranda, Brit Adude, Chris Backus, Rich Houseman, Woody Itson, Mike Dominguez.

1986.Left to right:Eric Carter,Monte Gray,Charles Townsend,Mike«Hollywood»Miranda,Steve Veltman,Chris Backus.Front row:Robert Zahnow,Richard«Rocket»Houseman      1987.Todd Lyons, Mike Luna, Rich Houseman, Charles Townsend, Eric Carter, Chris Backus
1988. Ronnie Anderson, Brandon Allen     1989. Jeff Donnell     1991. Shan hatfield

1992.Shan Hatfield,Ronnie Gaska and Jay Becht

Note: the list of team members isn't 100% correct!