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Serial Number

Normally the serial numbers on USA made frames came on the inside of the left dropout. But sometimes the welders made mistakes! First pic is a US Trick Star frame with 2 serial numbers (by using 2 left dropouts with different serial number, 1155518 and 1155548). So, maybe there are frames made without a serial number because others got 2. Second pic is from a US cruiser frame with the serial number on the outside of the right dropout.

Not Finished Weld

Trick Star with 2 coaster brake mounts

There are Trick Stars with 2 coaster brake mounts.
In the right pic you see the rear of a 1984 American made Trick Star. Also this frame don't have a serial number but stamped "BAB BOB" as the serial number who was the lead welder for Hutch BMX in 1983-1986 Bob Buckman at the Hutch BMX warehouse on Benson Ave. in Baltimore,Md. (pitty I don't have a pic of that "BAB BOB"!)

Hutch was famous of there quality controle. But here you see a seattube with a not finished weld on a pre serial Pro Racer frame.

Woody Itson's personal custom built Trick Star F&F

This Hutch Trick Star onced belonged to Woody Itson. This frame was custom built for him by the Hutch factory. This is not a production frame...there is no serial number. You will notice from the pictures,the diffrences between this frame...and all the other production made Trick Stars.
The support on the framestand is different as well as the chainstay brace. Also,the pegs are longer and higher than the others in that era. This (extra) frame was orginally sold by Woody during a Hutch freestyle tour. It is autographed in paint bu Mr. Itson himself.

Prototype Brake System and Trick Star

In 1986 Hutch made a special brake system for Woody Itsons Trick Star. It was a conversion of a SunTour brake. Probably never went into production. Hutch also made a prototype Trick Star with such brake on the rear! LOOK at the possition of the platform standers on the chainstays!!!!! Is this rare or what? Read here more about the Hutch brake.

Next generation Hutch prototype fork/brake combo.
Forks that came on the Trick Styler or Trick Star II.

Odd TS Forks

Trick Star fork with pegs simular like the rear standers on a Trick Star frame. Mike Buff used such fork in 1985.

Trick Star fork, dropouts with 2 holes.

Trick Star fork with very long pegs.

Trick Star fork with 2 dropouts welded together.

Prototype Trick Star, the evolution.

Left: Woody Itson and Mike Buff on the first version prototype  Trick Star  in 1984.
There were a couple more variations on that frame before Hutch ended up with the actual Trick Star. Those changes had to do with the rear standers (shape and size), adding a coaster brake tab, changing the standing platform, head tube angle, etc.
Right: BMX Action, June 1984. Hutch's freestyle frame and fork. It has a platform for frame standing tricks, additional standing platforms on the chain stays, a new configuration at the steering head, steeper steering head angle, and extra-thick frond and rear drop outs.
Note: This was not the final production model Trick Star. This prototype has square rear standers and the frame didn't have a coaster brake tab.
The first Trick Star came with a fork with thicker dropouts but without welded on pegs.
Also, regular decals were used on the first Trick Star frames.

Prototype Freestyle bar

Prototype Aerospeeds

BMX Action June 1984

In this pic the prototype Aerospeeds