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The first JJR designs were drawed around 1988. But because the trouble to find someone who could make my own frame,there was first a Pro Winner modified frame build for me,with a custom rear end. That wasn't what I was looking for. So,there was only one solution. To build it myself!After long time of research and questions,I bought chromoly tubes. From then the work could begin. I made the tubes in the correct shape that they fitted perfect. I've done it all by hand and a couple days later the frame was ready to weld. I went to the person where I bought the tubes and he welded the frame. The first real JJR frame was born. We are speaking July 1993. Later I made some other frames and the latest BMX frame was a aluminium cruiser,the best frame I ever made.To do something new,I decided to build a freeride bike. The bike is a combination between BMX and MTB. It's my first bike with more then one gear! Now I can begin on a new project. A retro style 20'' BMX frame. I've already a pair of motomags to use on that retro bike.

modefied PW frame with JJR designed rear end July 1993

this is my first JJR dream bike with self designed switchblade fork April 1994

the first real 100% JJR bike July 1994

first real JJR bike with JJR suspension forkMarch 1995

bike made for fun and to see if someone could weld it Jan.1998

first JJR 24''cruiser.Fat tubes and ovalized rear end tubes March 1998

experimental XXL bike with old style headtube gussett Nov.1996

same size like the experimental XXL but with a new look July 1997

cruiser with custom painted wheels and Hanebrink fork June 1999

first aluminium 7005-T6 JJR bike a 24'' cruiser spring 2000

June 2002

June 2002

my first bike with gears

October 2002

May 2011, new JJR
cruiser build

lower design and a short rear end

July 2020. Converted my 26 inch freeride bike into a BMX bike.
Made new slotted dropouts for the frame.


project Quiet Resistant x JJR