Hallo everyone!

My name is Johan (from Belgium) the man behind JJR BMX RACING. I started with BMX racing in 1982.
My first race was on a rental bike from the federation. Back then,the V.B.F. (Vlaamse Behendigheids Fietsers) had some bikes and helmets for the ones who did'nt have a BMX bike.In that way everyone could take part in a race.
After two races my parents bought for my brother and me a Raleigh Ultra Burner with a Pro Tec helmet (simular like the jumping helmets of today).
But for us,two brothers with only one bike it wasn't fun and a bit later my brother got his own bike.
The first part that I replaced on my Burner was the handlebar.The orginal was a aluminium V-bar.I bought a two piece CW style handlebar to replace the orginal one. The bike looked much cooler with that bar.
In 1984 my parents bought for us a Asco frame with Tange fork. The Asco frame was much lighter and the bike was build up with most of the parts from my Raleigh (some parts were already changed).
With this bike I raced one season. For the next season I got a HUTCH PRO Racer frame with fork.
With my saving-checks (the riders could choose a trophy or a saving-check. With those check you could buy things in some shops) I bought a HUTCH handlebar,pad-set,dia-compe brakes,...to build up my new bike.
With my HUTCH I raced several years.For some time I had wheelcovers from Olimpic (UNI) and that gave the bike a special look!
In that time the HUTCH factory team was great and my favorit rider was Mike Hollywood Miranda.
In 1989 I bought my first cruiser. It was a Belgian made Pro Winner.
In 1991 I got from Tommy Brackens a special support riders package included a Brackens F&F,pad-set,race uniform and T-shirt. Next year I got again a new uniform and raced my second year as a Brackens Support Rider.
But in 1988 I was looking for a new challenge.
I started to draw my own designed frame. But because the trouble to find someone who could build my frame,it was only in 1993 that the first JJR frame was build. The first JJR frame was a modified Pro Winner frame.
But this wasn't what I wanted so it was up to me to build my 100% self designed frame.
Not long after that my real JJR frame was ready to weld.
The man behind Pro Winner welded my frame and for the season of 1994 the bike was ready.
From then on,it was easy for me to build other frames like you could see on the photo's.
Now I race with my JJR aluminium cruiser,the best bike ever made!
My last creation was a freeride bike, between BMX and MTB.
Well, that's about my bikes.
I hope you have pleasure when you see the old photo's!