Aarschot 1999. Luc Vercammen and me

International indoor Zwolle 2000(NL).

Aarschot 2000

Keerbergen 2000

2000. The year that I won the Belgian Championships in cruiser class 30-39.

2002. The second time that I won the National tittle in cruiser 30-39 class.

Results Belgian Championships cruiser 30-39
1. Johan Janssens  2. Paul Hermans  3. Peter Broeckx

photo's taken during the last round of our National Championships,Massenhoven

photo's taken at the National Champions homeage, Dessel

2003. A year without a BMX license. I raced only some competitions when I realy wanted to race.

training in Aarschot before my first race

Belgian Cup round 1 Aarschot March 30

First turn in the final.
I'm the one with the red helmet

Good start in a moto.
I'm the second from right

Photo's: www.BMX-sport.be

 training  in Keerbergen

August 2003 Keerbergen. 3 old schoolers together after a  training .
Myself, Kris V.D. Eynde and Cliff Geerts.
I didn't ride my cruiser for 5 months, but my 2 friends didn't ride there bike for 10 years!

September 27, Reunion Dessel

Photo's: www.bmx2000.be

For this occasion I've weared my old Brackens uniform.