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past builds

1982 Hutch Pro Racer

1982 Hutch Pro Racer with double stamped brakebridge. The frame is probably made by MCS as it has the same fine welds as my MCS frame. This frame also came originally with a Hutch labeled MCS fork. Part list: Ukai speedline wheels with comp III tyres and sealed "800" hubs. Tange 125 alloy headset with Hutch 2N1 headset lock. Tuf Neck square stem, first generation Hutch handlebar with original die cut decal, A'me round grips. Tange seatpost clamp, Kashimax MX seat. Takagi 1pc crank with sealed BB, shimano DX pedals, unknown disk and 44T shimano chainwheel. 16T shimano freewheel. Dia Compe MX1000 brake with Tech III lever. Hutch pad set. All original decals.

1982 Hutch Expert racer

Pre serial number Hutch Expert Racer powdercoated in gloss black.
Part list: Araya polished rims, Suzue sealed hubs chrome, Comp III tyres, DC MX 1000 caliper chrome, Shimano SX lever, DC hinged seatpost clamp chrome, old seatpost with Hutch decal, Kashimax MX set, A'ME round grips, Hutch first generation pad set, copy Pro Neck stem, National Pro bar, polished Shimano DX crank, shimano DX pedals, Sachs chrome chain, Shimano chainwheel, Haro Series One plate.

1985 Hutch Hollywood

Hutch Hollywood frame and fork. Part list: Polished araya rims, Hutch Hubs, Comp III tires, Redline Flight crank + chainwheel, Hutch pedals, izumi chain, Shimano freewheel, Tange headset, Hutch deep H stem, Pro Winner  handlebar, a'me tri grips, Dia Comp MX901 brake + tech 4 lever, donut seatpost clamp, Kashimax Aero seat, Haro B1 plate, repro pad set.

1986 Hutch Hollywood

Hutch Hollywood frame and fork in Futuristic Black. And yes, the Hollywood was available in Futuristic Black in 1986! Part list: Chrome Ukai speedline rims, Suzue sealed hubs, Comp III tires, Hutch Aerospeed cranks, Hutch disc, Sugino chainwheel, Hutch pedals, KMC chain,

Shimano freewheel, Tioga headset with Hutch 2N1 lock, Hutch deep H stem, Hutch Pro handlebar, a'me round grips, Dia Comp MX1000 brake with tech 4 lever, Hutch first gen. seatpost clamp, Shot Gun II seat, some seatpost with Hutch decal, repop Hutch pad set. Note: orginal it was a Pro Racer F&F but the color makes it a Hollywood.

1983 Hutch Junior

Hutch Junior frame with Hutch Pro fork. Part list: Araya 1 3/8 polished rims, Suzue chrome sealed hubs, Tioga Comp III 1 3/8 tires, Tange 125 headset with locknut, Tuff Neck stem, Robinson handlebar, Oury grips, Hutch seatpost clamp, UNI Turbo seat, Shimano crank, Shimano DX pedals, KMC chain, Suntour 42T chainwheel, Shimano 16T freewheel, Dia Compe MX1000 brake, Dia Compe Tech III lever, Hutch pad set.

1982 Hutch Lil Holeshot

Hutch Lil Holeshot frame and fork. Part list: Bullseye 165 crank, Sugino MX spider, Pro Neck 40T chainwheel, Hutch mini pedals, Ukai 20x1 1/8 rims, Suzue sealed hubs, Suntour axle nuts, Shimano 16T freewheel, ICR 1 1/8 tyres, Tange headset, Tuf Neck mini stem, GT alloy handlebar, a'me mini grips, Shimano DX brake lever, Weinmann brake, UNI hamerhead seat.

1983 Hutch Cruiser

Pre serial number frame with non drilled fork. Part list: Araya 7X chrome rims, Suzue chrome sealed hubs, Tioga comp III tires, Shimano 18T freewheel, Redline 401 flight crank, Asco 41T chainwheel, unknow disc, Hutch pedals, DID chain, Tange Headset with Hutch headset lock, Hutch deep H stem, Hutch look alike handlebar, A'me round grips, Dia Compe MX1000 brake, Tech III lever, Hutch seatpost clamp, generic seatpost with Hutch decal, Kashimax Aero seat, Hutch pad set.

1984-85 Hutch Trick Star

Hutch Trick Star frame and fork. Powdered in candy red. Part list: ASC Z-rims, Suntour hubs, suntour freewheel, Panaracer HP 406 tires, Redline flight crank, Tange sealed BB, some disc, ASCO chainwheel, KMC chain, Shimano DX pedals, Tange headset with Hutch 2N1 headset lock, Hutch deep H stem with pots mod., Mike Dominguez handlebar, A'me unitron grips, Dia Comp Tech 3 levers, Dia Comp MX 1000 rear and MX900 front brake, some donut seatpost clamp, Xposure seatpost, Kashimax Aero seat.