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past builds

1980 Torker

Torker frame and fork. Part list: Araya rims, suzue hubs, alloy nuts Kenda tyres, Takagi Tourney crank, MKK pedals, UNI seat, alloy bar, SR stem, Tange grips, Dia Come brake + lever, Cycle Pro seatpost clamp, lightening bolt plate.

1983 Torker Long

Torker Long frame and fork. Hutch handlebar, Araya rims / suzue hubs / suntour nuts / Tioga Comp III tires. Shimano DX crank / KKT pedals. Dia Comp MX 1000 brake caliper / Tech 3 lever. Dia Compe seatpost clamp. Suntour stem. Oakley grips. Kashimax Aero seat. Repro Pad set, Aero plate.

1984 Torker Pro-X
Torker Pro-X frame with Torker fork. Part list: Kashimax aero seat, A'me tri grips, DC MX 1000 brake, tech 3 lever, DC seatpost clamp, repop Torker pad set, pro neck stem, tioga comp III tires, kmc chain, zeronine plate, Bullseye 2pc crank, tuff neck chainwheel, suzue sealed hubs, araya rims powdered in satin black, SR pedals, some old school seatpost and handlebar.

1984-85 Vector Mark II

Red powdercaoted Vector Mark II. The frame with the twin down tube! Part list: Araya chrome rims with some unknown nice polished hubs, Tioga Comp III tyres, izumi chain, Dicta freewheel, GT handlebar, Redline flight crank, Suntour XC II pedals, Sugino chainwheel, YST headset with Tange lock, Pro Neck stem, chrome DC MX 1000 brake caliper, chrome DC hinged seatpost clamp, black MX seat, chrome DC tech 4 lever, black/red a'me unitrons, exposure seatpost with Vector decal, Flite pad set, Zeronine plate.

1983 Vector Mark 2

Vector Mark 2 f&f (there was a kind of serial hand painted in the BB, 0883NL WIEBE, think it's the export date to Holland), Vector Unlimited handlebar, seatpost with Vector decal, Mori Epoch headset, Oakley O-Wing grips, Dia Compe MX 900 brake with Tech III lever and Dia Compe brakecable, Dia Compe double bolt seatpost clamp, Kashimax MX seat, ACS Z-rims, Suntour hubs, alloy axle nuts, Tioga Comp III tires, Redline 401 flight with Sugino MX A5 spider, Pete's Precision Products chainwheel, Shimano freewheel, DID chain, Shimano DX pedals, selfmade Vector pad set.

1984-85 Vector Mark II

Vector Mark 1 frame and Vector fork. Part list: Araya 1 1/8 rims with sealed Suntour hubs, 17T Suntour freewheel and comp III tires. Coronado 170mm lightweight road racing crank with Suntour sealed BB, Suntour pedals and 43T Tuf Neck chainwheel. Mori Epoch headset. DK mini stem. Unknown handlebar. A'me mini grips. DC Tech 3 lever. Some road racing brake. Tange seatpost clamp. UNI mini seat. KMC chain. Vector repop pad.

1985 JMC Standart Short

Serial is 8517, Jim Melton told me it's one of the last build. Kashimax aero seat, Tange seatpost, Pro Neck stem, Oackley B2 grips, Dia Compe MX 1000 chrome caliper with tech 4 lever and DC cable, shimano MX pedals, Tioga Comp III tires (1.50 rear 1.75 front), JMC plate, Tange headset, KMC chain, Sugino 170mm alloy cranks, ASCO chainwheel, polished Alesa rims 20x1.50 with Mach1 hubs, repro pad set.