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past builds

1982 Redline Proline II

Nos Redline Pro-Line II frame, Redline Pro-Line fork, Tange MX3 headset with SST dirtskirt, Redline Brute stem, Galino handlebar (with plastic crossbar), Oakley B-2 grips, Sugino 180 crank, KKT Lightning pedals, SR 44T chainwheel, Suntour 16T freewheel, KMC chain, Araya 7x rims, Suzue hubs, Tioga Comp III tires, Dia Comp MX100 brake, Dia Compe Tech III lever, Dia Compe hinged seatpost clamp, some seatpost, Kashimax Aero seat, repop Redline padset.

   1980 Redline MXII

Redline MX II frame and fork. Part list: Araya 7C rims, suzue hubs, suntour nuts, ICR tyres, Shimano DX crank, MKS pedals, KMC chain, shimano freewheel, shimano Tourney brake, shimano SX lever, Nitto MX2 stem, alloy bar, Tange grips, Redline seatpost clamp, SR seatpost, Elina lightening bolts seat.

1980 Thruster Vanishing Point

Thruster Vanishing Point frame with selfmade Thruster repop fork.
Part list: Skyway Tuff II wheels, ICR tyres, Takagi crank, MKS pedals, shimano Tourney brake, shimano DX lever, a'me cam grips, alloy bar, Nitto SX stem, Tange headset, Cycle Pro seatpost clamp, UNI seat, lightening bolt plate.

1984 Skyway TA

1984 Skyway TA. I remembered a old racer who had a red Skyway in the '80s. Contacted him and he still had it. I got it and replaced some parts to my taste and kept it as a survivor looking bike. Part list: Skyway TA frame & fork, chrome araya rims with GT hubs or Skyway Tuff II wheels, Tioga comp III tires, Redline 401 flight crank, blue disc, tuff neck chainring, Isumi chain, Suntour pedals, Tange headset, Pro Neck stem, GT handlebar, Oakley grips, Dia Comp Tech II lever, Dia Compe MX 1000 brake, Tange seatpost clamp, GT seatpost, kashimax Aero seat, Haro padset.

1983 Skyway

1983 Skyway TA frame and fork, orginal chrome. Part list: Black Skyway Tuff II casette wheels, Tioga Comp III tyres. Redline 401 Flight 3pc crank, Tioga BB, Redline chainwheel, Suntour XCII pedals, KMC chain. Tange headset, Pro Neck II stem, GT Pro bar, Oackley B2 grips. Dia Compe MX 1000 brake with tech 3 lever. Dia Compe hinged seatpost clamp, GT seatpost, Kashimax Aero seat. Skyway Pad set.

1992-93 Latvian AHA

Latvian made AHA frame, fork, handlebar, crank and chainwheel by Osis.
In the early '90s they tried to get parts from  West  Europe to build there bikes. Parts that i've used are: Rigida 20x1 3/8 rims, Suzue sealed hubs, Swallow tires. Shimano SX pedals, Kobe grips, Shimano DX lever, Shimano Tourney brake, Aero seat, BMX double bold seatpost clamp. Headset is Sovjet made as that's the only one that fitts.